Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Consent, Rape and Sexual Assault

Consent is sexy. I know, I am asexual and I really don't find a lot of things sexy, but I find that consent is one of those things that makes any situation (regardless if its sexual or not) better. I think a lot of people can agree that rape can happen regardless of the gender/race/sexuality/age of the person or the victim. With that being said, rape can go on being condemned, depending on the gender/race/sexuality/age of the person and that is complete garbage. What I find completely sickening is that in some places, rape is a joke. I would always hear rape jokes in school, but we don't know what it actually means. Now that I am at the age to know and fully comprehend what damage rape does not only to one singular person, but how that affects a community. We as people need to wake up an realize that victim blaming is not okay. Just because the victim is wearing provocative clothing, rape is still not okay. I feel like I am giving the same talk so many other people have given the public about this issue and we really need to not just be a bystander but fix it ourselves. If you don't like the truth, change it. If you don't want your children to get raped, help out in a rape clinic or speak out about it to locals schools. Don't just sit there.
The media is such a wonderful place right?
So many YouTube sex abuse/assault scandals have been hitting the press recently and its pretty horrible to see some of your favorite personalities on the interwebs being charged with such crimes. I used to watch Sam Pepper , Luke Conard as well as Alex Day a lot. I never knew that these you tubers who I looked up to as well as many other people my age or even younger were able to commit such malicious crimes. Things such as forcing fans to have sex with them (even if they are underage), Grabbing people's butts on camera without consent beforehand, and other unwanted behaviors were conducted by these role models. I don't think you really want your child to be watching these types of behaviors or to even go to meet ups with people like this.
In contrast, there are things being done about it and I am glad. I am really happy to see that the You Tube community is taking a stand to thee issues that have ben thrown at them. Petitions, letters, videos and more content related to this topic have been spread across the world wide web and I think its amazing how the You Tube family can rebuild like this.

Stay safe y'all
<3 Jennie

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